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Dr. Bush’s office contacted us today and is ready to do the Freshmen mouth guards on Monday immediately after school.

Dr. Bush’s office will have 4 people there to do them. They also said they can do the Juniors and any others on Tuesday, so please make accommodations to go if you haven’t already. They also reiterated how sorry they were for cancelling last week.

If you need assistance via a carpool, please coordinate with other parents in your grade or contact your class rep if necessary.

385 Route 24, Suite 2A Chester, NJ 07930

Thanks and Let’s Go Wolfpack!


A special thanks goes out to the scoreboard “raising” team for their time and energy today. Thank you to Gregg Kattermann, John and Liz Dagon, Chip Wimmershoff, Renato Derech, and Jeff Delillo for “rolling up their sleeves” today. The board will be wired this week and will be ready to go for the 2016 Season.

Thanks to the scoreboard committee (Allen Brown, Debbie Derech, Liz Dagon, Geoff Cook, Scott Steward, Gregg Kattermann, and David Zarillo) for their volunteerism and for Jim Skurchak’s creative leadership in activating the GoFundMe Website.

Finally it goes without saying, but a big thank you to our major donors, the Haureys (Exigent) and the Antonelles (MickeyTravels) and many thanks to all our donors in this effort.

Without the support of the West Morris and Long Valley community, we could not have accomplished this improvement for our kids and the school. Looking forward to seeing many West Morris points on the new board for years to come.


Hank Izzo
President Parents Club
West Morris Boys Lacrosse


Good news! The new WMC boys lacrosse scoreboard has arrived!

The old scoreboard has been removed and we will be installing the new scoreboard this Saturday.

If anyone is available to help in any way please stop by the HS field after 12pm Saturday afternoon or after the varsity scrimmage to assist. We’ll need some extra hands around if possible. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Let’s Go Wolfpack!


Beth Schmidt is coordinating subs again this year for the away games. The subs are from Piggy’s deli and the cost includes a sub, chips and a drink. I’ve attached the flyer and order form. If you are interested in ordering your son a sub for the bus ride home after away games, please mail the completed order form and check to Beth by Friday 3/18. If you have any questions just let Beth know.

Beth Schmidt

We will not be having subs for the away scrimmage games. Subs will be provided for all Regular Season away games that are on the schedule as of 3/5/16. If any away games are added to the schedule after this date the boys WILL NOT have subs for those additional games. Your son will have to bring his own snack for the ride home on those occasions.

Order form attached and can also be located in the DOCUMENTS section of the website under MEDIA


Good news! We received word that the items ordered through the WMC online Universal Lacrosse store have arrived.

Please make arrangements to pick up you online apparel orders tomorrow night 3/10 from 7-9 pm at the Izzo house.

6 Ginger Lane
Long Valley


Let’s Go Wolfpack!