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The Tuesday winter training session has been postponed for tonight, February 12. Center Court has rescheduled it for Monday, February 18 @ 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Stay warm and safe today.

Go Pack!

Wolfpack Families,

Thank you to everyone who has paid their 2019 dues already, and so quickly! We understand there have been a number of people interested in using electronic payment but have questions about how to do this. To help, see the instructions below.

1. PayPal: Open the PayPal mobile app and select “Friends and Family” not “Goods and Services”. Then type in the email address If you are still having difficulties, try then enter amount of $250. In the notes section enter “WMC Club Dues” and your son’s name.

2. Venmo: Open the Venmo mobile app and select the icon at top right of screen. On the next screen type in “@Jason-babinec”. If that doesn’t work try then enter $250 and a short note “WMC Club Dues” and your son’s name on the line below “Amount”. Click pay button at bottom.

We hope you found this helpful. Any additional questions, please contact Jason directly at

Thank you. Go Pack!

Wolfpack Parents,

If you have already paid your 2019 dues, thank you (see list below). If you haven’t yet, please pay by Friday, 2/8. We offer three payment options for greater convenience along with an incentive for electronic payment through Venmo or Paypal.

1) Check: $270 payment made out to West Morris Central Parents Lacrosse Club, mail to PO Box 328 Long Valley, New Jersey 07853

2) Venmo: $250 payment sent to Treasurer Jason Babinec, on Venmo at @jason-babinec

3) Paypal: $250 payment sent to Jason at

With options #2 and #3, please enter a short note “WMC Club Dues” with your son’s name. Dues paid after Friday, February 8th will be $270 regardless of payment type.

Below is the current list of dues paid to date. If you have paid but do not see your name on the list, please contact Jason Babinec ( as we want to ensure all payment methods outlined above are working properly.


The season starts soon, our first indoor captains’ practice is scheduled for February 28!
Go Wolfpack!

Wolfpack families,

Due to popular demand, the Wolfpack Lacrosse online store will now be open through February 6. That’s more time to shop!

Long sleeve t-shirts, shorts, a players’ pack, and more, are available for purchase.

Visit the store here:

Please allow four weeks for delivery.
Questions? Contact

Go Wolfpack!

This Sunday, January 27, is the Applebees fundraiser. Below is the schedule for the boys.
The number next to the name identifies the designated shift (either 1 or 2).

1st shift – 7:30 am – 8:45 am.

2nd shift 8:45 am – 10:00 am.

If you are unable to attend, or need to change your shift, please contact

Thank you!

Last Name First Name 1st Shift

Barski Charlie 1
Berg Ferris 1
Byank Zachary 1
Cannaveno Brandon 1
Christiansen Owen 1
Colatriano Jack 1
Collins Gabriel 1
Cook Michael 1
Curts Ryan 1
Diehl Erich 1
DiPietro Jack 1
Dizon Paul 1
Domaratzky Max 1
Donlon Brendan 1
Gutkin Eli 1
Hollander Cam 1
Kattermann Brian 1
Kubik Timothy 1
LaPlante Jacob 1
Lis Jordan 1
Lis Tyler 1
Lisa Austin 1
Lorenz Lucas 1
Mustaccio Rocco 1
Pruss Andy 1
Ramos Brian 1
Robinson James 1
Schilling Ryan 1
Stefanelli Gerard 1
Turner Noah 1

Last Name First Name Shift 2
Babinec Hunter 2
Beltram Daniel 2
Dagon John 2
Dizon Paul 2
Ebert James 2
Hart Logan 2
Hillier Trevor 2
Konop Benjamin 2
Lazorchak Jonathan 2
Ligos Jake 2
Lyden Jack 2
Masiello Anthony 2
Mesiter Matthew 2
Montela Felice 2
Muscatella Garrett 2
Ochs Tyler 2
Panico James 2
Pescatore Anthony 2
Pirrello Michael 2
Radossich Marc 2
Schroeder Thomas 2
Shepard Malachi 2
Smith Adam 2
Spano Joe 2
Steward Gavin 2
Wells Jonathan 2
West Benjamin 2